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Two colorful prints made with the Print Frog glass baren.
Happy kids holding their printmaking project.
Woman handprinting with the Print Frog Glass Baren in a workshop
Children printmaking workshop with Iron Frog Press at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center
Group listens as artist explains workshop.
Group of art teachers learning about printmaking.
Foam-Plate Collagraph Workshop
Kids making collagraph prints at Big Thought with Iron Frog Press

Iron Frog Press is Dallas's top-notch printmaking workshop for novice and seasoned professionals. We offer various custom classes suitable for all ages and skill levels and accommodating disabilities. IFP provides workshops at our studio for individuals and groups (5 max), or bring our mobile printing workshop to you. Our on-the-go print shop is excellent for sharing the virtues of printmaking with anyone anytime. No press is needed for our PrintShop a Go-Go™ workshop. Our exclusive "press less" printing process is only available with Iron Frog Press. Our signature hand-printing tool, the Print Frog® Glass Baren™, makes it possible for kids and adults to master printing quickly. 
Matt Bagley, master printmaker and the founder of Iron Frog Press, is a recipient of an OCA grant for 2022 and 2023. He has been awarded this grant six times in the past six years. These grants allow Iron Frog Press to provide free printmaking classes in non-traditional spaces in Dallas, TX, where there is a need for more arts access.

Matt and Sharon travel to different cities and states to teach their PrintShop A Go-Go workshops. They partner with colleges and museums, teach printmaking workshops for teachers, and more. They create fun and interactive spaces where they share and promote the virtues of printmaking. 

Let’s Work Together

  Contact Matt & Sharon

We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable with large groups. Iron Frog Press regularly speaks about various printmaking matters for lectures and panel discussions and fills in as an expert in the field. Please get in touch to discuss your event.



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